Compare Nevada Shelf Companies To Montana

$2695 for a fifteen-year-old shelf company.

Why compare shelf companies from different states?

The availability of business credit varies depending upon where the shelf company was originally incorporated. Historically, banks started to discriminate against companies filed in Delaware after the rash of foreclosures soared in 2007. The banks looked at the real estate speculators and the disaster they left behind. Delaware and Nevada companies were often involved. As a result, many shelf companies were filed and sold out of Wyoming in order to avoid the stigma associated with Nevada shelf companies and Delaware shelf companies. Although Wyoming is an excellent place to incorporate for asset protection, privacy, and other reasons, the bankers became hesitant to lend money to companies that originated from Wyoming. In about 2010, this changed matters for entrepreneurs seeking to build business credit using a Wyoming corporation or Wyomng LLC. This is as a result of Wyoming being known as a state that produces shelf companies.

If Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming are not the best options of where to acquire an aged shelf company, what's the best state to acquire an aged shelf company?

For the next four to six years, the State of Montana is the best option to acquire an aged shelf company. Montana is not known as a “shelf company” state. Banks are ready and willing to loan if their requirements are met. The banks just don’t want to be hassled with corporations and LLC’s from states known to cause problems. Nevada and Delaware are strongly marketed as the panacea for all things corporate. And as for Wyoming, it remains the greatest option for small business in terms of protection and business environment. Montana is the best option for acquiring a clean shelf company to build business credit.

How is this done?

Acquire an aged shelf company from Montana and then file it in the state in which you intend to do business. Then file for your state, local, or municipal business licenses. We’ll update your information on the MT Secretary of State. The names of the principals must be consistent between where the shelf company was initially filed, such as in Montana, and the state in which you seek to do business (i.e. California). Banks seek to confirm compliance and consistency.

How do I obtain an aged shelf company?

Request a list of the available shelf companies here.

Pick out a shelf company and let us know your first choice. We will reserve the company for you at no charge, and without a deposit.
We accept all major credit cards. Once the payment clears, we’ll send you the shelf company documents in an email, as attachments. You can do business right away! We then mail you the paper documents via USPS Priority Mail.

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