Compare Nevada and Wyoming for Virtual Office, Company Formation and Shelf Companies.

Information on a Nevada virtual office, a business identity in Nevada, executive offices, and office suites in Nevada. Convert your Nevada company into a Wyoming company to pay $600 LESS is annual state fees. We also offer a Wyoming Virtual Office, Wyoming Corporations and Wyoming LLC’s.

$2695 for a fifteen-year-old shelf company.

  • Drop your NV annual state fees of your Nevada Company vs Wyoming Company.

  • Stop paying $650 per year in crazy NV annual fees.
  • Pay only $60 in annual state fees to Wyoming.

  • File a new Wyoming company.
  • Continue your existing Nevada company into Wyoming, and retain the incorporation date.
  • Both Nevada and Wyoming offer 0% income tax. Nevada demands a commerce tax on the gross receipts of the business when revenues are over $4 million or higher. Wyoming doesn’t impose this tax.
  • Fix your Nevada Company vs Wyoming Company by continuing the company into Wyoming. Save money on annual fees. Drop your annual fees from $650 to $60 per year.

  • Save $600 annually.
  • California harasses CA residents that do business from NV. They don’t harass California residents who do business from Wyoming.
  • Wyoming doesn’t carry the stigma of Nevada. In Nevada, drug legalization makes banks nervous and extremely cautious. Banks also avoid Nevada companies because of the rampant money laundering due to the cash businesses linked to the casino industry and legalized prostitution. Any state that legalizes gambling, prostitution, or drugs leads to higher rates of fraud and higher rates of an audit with the IRS. Nevada incorporators also boast that the state of NV doesn’t have an information-sharing agreement with the IRS. This attracts attention and increases audits. On the other hand, Wyoming is known for its clean business and hasn’t legalized drugs, prostitution, or gambling.
  • Wyoming is known for clean business, mining, internet and data, energy, defense, and ranching industries.

Nevada Corporation Or Nevada LLC

  • $150 Annual List of Officers Fee
  • +$500 Business License Fee
  • $650 Total Annual State Fees

After you file the Nevada corporation or Nevada LLC, $150 is owed to file the Initial List of Officers.

  • Standard, 75,000 authorized shares 0.00
  • Increase to 200,000 authorized shares 175.00
  • Increase to 500,000 authorized shares 275.00
  • Increase to 1,000,000 authorized shares 375.00
  • Mazimum Fee $35,000

Nevada imposes a gross receipts tax(commerce tax) that varies by industry.

Nevada State Business License requires your name, address, date of birth, Social Security Number, percentage of ownership in the company, identity of owners.  Proof here.  If you don’t file the business license, then you risk losing limited liability because the corporate veil may be pierced.

Nevada promises not to share information with the IRS. This is a play on words. Nevada SELLS their database on Nevada corporations and Nevada LLC’s, to database companies. These companies then sell their organized data to the IRS and other agencies. Besides, IRS agents know how to search for information on the Nevada websites. NV incorporators simply represent the supposed privacy offered by NV companies to sell more corporations and LLC’s.
The Nevada mantra is, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Nevada is a magnet for scams and schemes. It is replete with illegal drugs, legal and illegal prostitution, cash businesses to liquidate personal effects in a hurry, and many questionably business practices. Their prisons are overflowing to such an extent that non-violent felony offenders serve very little time. As a result, Nevada companies are audited four times as often, and banks are shaky about lending to a Nevada corporation. Nevada is also know for mining, prostitution, and entertainment. Nevada’s corporation code was meant to hide the true owners of the casinos, brothels, mining operations and assets of organized crime. Incorporating in Nevada is a liability. We are not passing judgment on anyone. But Nevada is what it is.
  • $60 Total Annual Report to the Secretary of State of Wyoming.

After you file the Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC, there’s no other filing for the next 12 months. Again only pay $60 to maintain your Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC.

  • No extra fee: Up to unlimited shares at no par value
Wyoming has no gross receipts tax.

Annual Report list names of Director and Officers. Stockholders are not listed.
Wyoming LLC’s:
Manager is listed. Members are not listed.

Wyoming doesn’t require that the stock ledger be held with the registered agent. There is no requirement for the registered agent to hold the address where the stock ledger can be found.
Wyoming doesn’t collect information on the owners of any corporation or LLC. No business license required by the State of Wyoming.
Wyoming doesn’t collect information company owners. They only collect information on the Director and Officer’s of the Wyoming corporation. The Manager of a Wyoming LLC doesn’t require disclosure.
Wyoming is known for the defense industry, guns, hunting, fishing, ranching, mining, rodeos, and a respect for property rights. In Wyoming, people like to be left alone. This sentiment is reflected in the corporation code and the way they live, manage their affairs and how they do business. The state of Wyoming is recognized for polite, armed, no-nonsense people and they expect clean business practices.

Building Corporate Credit & A Nevada Virtual Office

Building Corporate Credit & A Nevada Virtual Office

If you’re building business credit, a virtual office works if set up correctly. Please follow these basic requirements:

  • 1
    Don’t use a UPS Store or Mailbox, etc., type location.
  • 2
    Use a virtual office in the most affluent area available.
  • 3
    Make certain the virtual office isn’t the same address as the registered agent of the company.
  • 4
    Bankers seek to verify your name on the public record with the Secretary of State.
  • 5
    The person who signs the loan application for business credit must match the public record for the company. Use the same virtual address as what is listed on the public record.
  • 6

    Be consistent.

  • 7
    Own the phone number of the business. Don’t use the virtual number provided by the virtual office provider.
  • 8
    The billing address for the company phone number must match the address of the virtual office.
  • 9
    That same billing address must be the address for the website, and all other points of contact.
  • 10

    After the setup is completed, list the company with 411 information services using Again, consistency is key.

  • 11
    To build business credit, the virtual address should be fifty (50) miles from where you live. If you don’t live in Nevada, then building business credit from an NV address won’t work. If you’re not seeking to build business credit, then the distance from your home address isn’t an issue. Please visit these links for a shelf corporation: