Nevada Aged Corporations

$2695 for a fifteen-year-old shelf company.

What Is An Aged Corporation / Aged Shelf Corporation?

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An aged corporation / aged shelf corporation is ready-made corporation, containing no liabilities, that can be used for commerce at any time. This empowers you to instantly start a business, leveraging the age of the company to access financing, close sales easier, and increase revenue.

Why Use An Aged Corporation / Aged Shelf Corporation?

Aged corporations enabled you to established relationships as an older company. Banking relationships, agreements, access to bidding opportunities, increased revenue, Dun & Bradstreet and rating systems are all factors to take into consideration whether an aged corporation is an appropriate fit to your business situation. Why use an aged shelf corporation or an aged shelf LLC? Access, privilege, prestige, respect, advancement, confidence, enhanced options, lower financing costs, more choices, advantageous marketing and improved public relations. An aged corporation signals stability.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Aged Corporation / Aged Shelf Corporation?

An aged corporation will enable you to establish an immediate history and obtain a running start on the corporate image. You’ll be able to bid on state contracts, obtain lines of credit easier and obtain loans from the Small Business Administration.

There are companies who will only lease to corporations who have existed for at least 6 months. Why be delayed? Consider using an aged corporation to promote your corporate image and make it part of your business plan.

Should There Be Any Business Activity For The Aged Corporation / Aged Shelf Corporation?

All of our companies, at the point of sale, are with out an EIN, and without any business transaction history. This gives you confidence that you’re acquiring a company with a clean history. Your primary concern should be that the company has no owed taxes, debt of any type, or liabilities.

The business activity of an aged corporation / aged shelf corporation should be limited to the application of the Employer Identification Number and the formation of the bank account.

Should I Worry About Possible Liabilities Of An Aged Corporation?

Yes! Always be concerned if the person selling the aged corporation has engaged in any transactions that may produce some type of future liability for the corporation or its stockholders. Only buy from reputable providers who are in the business of selling aged corporations / aged shelf corporations. In addition, you should obtain a statement of indemnification which makes the seller responsible for any liabilities that he didn’t make clear, in case business was actually transacted with the aged shelf corporation.

How Much Is An Aged Corporation?

How Much Is An Aged Corporation?

Expect a premium of $1000 per year for every year that the corporation has been aged. For example, an aged shelf corporation formed in 2002 will have a $1000 premium if purchased in 2003. This premium is added over the cost of incorporation to form the entity and all maintenance expenses incurred in year two.. In this example, a new corporation selling for $550 would incur a maintenance expense of $170 in year two. $550 formation +$170 maintenance +$1000 premium= $1720.00 for a one year old corporation.

This depends upon your business plan and how concerned you are about lawsuits, a potential claim or divorce.

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You May Need To Register As A Foreign Corporation.